Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twiztid with Blaze Ya Dead Homie

After an abrupt, day of show cancellation of their original March 11th date, Twiztid returned to The House of Blues with Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Being surprised and impressed by ICP’s June performance, I decided to give Twiztid the benefit of the doubt and check it out.
Blaze Ya Dead Homie (BYDH) appeared sporting an over-sized clock hanging from his chain, opening to a moderately sized crowd, full of enthusiasm. Within the first fifteen minutes of his set, I was already questioning if it was all taped. The music sounded pre-recorded, their mouth movement and mic placement did not match up, and tracks faded in and out with no visible DJ. The audience was throwing hands up, cheering, and seemed to be enjoying themselves, I couldn’t stick it through his set.

While the stage was being setup for Twiztid, a DJ came on-stage and mixed, keeping the audience’s energy up. After the second Tech N9ne song was rotated through the mix and received an equal response from the crowd as any BYDH song did, I felt my open-mindedness and credibility go out the door. My last expectation was to see how elaborate of a set they were hiding behind all the draped black sheets.
The lights came up, the sheets dropped, revealing a disappointing setup, and Twiztid came onstage mics in hand, but once again with no visible DJ to make or spin their beats. Granted it did sound like Twiztid was actually freestyling on top of a muddy low beat, their performance was only slightly better than BYDH’s. To my astonishment, the audience continued to give off the same level of response after each song, act, and even to the DJ in between. Forty-five minutes into Twiztid’s mediocre performance, I ran out of reasons to stay.

After I swore them off in March due to lack of respect for their own fans, then tried again and came to their rescheduled show, I left wondering if the whole show was a "Milli Vanilli." Despite the underwhelming performances, I will admit that true fans were happy with the concert, but if you are not part of the “family,” this show was nothing to call home about. As much as I detest even writing this review, I have to place Twiztid as a top contender for the worst performance at The House of Blues I have ever seen.

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