Saturday, November 20, 2010

3OH!3 with Hellogoodbye

I cannot think of many other better ways to begin a Saturday evening in Las Vegas, than with party rock duo 3OH!3. This show with special guests Hellogoodbye, Down With Webster, and K. Flay was a high demand ticket. By name, I did not know who they were, but after a quick listen, I recognized their infectious songs immediately. I had a feeling that 3OH!3 would blow the roof off The House of Blues.

Hellogoodbye already graced the House of Blues stage earlier this year, opening for New Found Glory in March. After being impressed with their retro rock-pop sound in March, I noticed that this time their music seemed more fine tuned, even streamlined. Despite their clean performance, I found their sound less genuine and interesting. Hellogoodbye played a full set to a great audience, seemingly here just for their show. Certainly a well-deserved contrast to the audience's poor appreciation last time. It looks as though Hellogoodbye is on their way up to bigger and better things; definitely worth checking out.

After a short break fans were accosted by bright flashing lights and air horns, with a 3OH!3 American flag backdrop. Within seconds, the fans were shouting and throwing their 3OH!3 hand symbols in the air. Wasting no time, they started off hard with Starstrukk quickly getting the crowded floor of people in a jumping dance frenzy. Despite already expecting have have a party rockin’ awesome time, I was still astonished by the amount of super-fans and how much fun we had.
3OH!3 kept the beats going nonstop, playing a familiar and infectiously danceable setlist, including many covers. Kiss From a Rose, (Seal) I Believe I Can Fly, (R Kelly) Snow (Hey Oh) (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Deja Vu, We Are Young, Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus). Sean jokingly commented “We are worst cover band you've ever heard in your life!” On the contrary, they sounded great backed by a live band (no DJ), and kept the fans bouncing around throughout their set.

Returning for an encore to a chanting and still fired-up crowd, 3OH!3 exclaimed, “This is the best show we’ve ever played in Vegas!” I might suggest this was an understatement, as everyone in the house was having an all out blast and getting wild. After covering Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions), Sean laughed, “We got at least 10 more covers to go...” wrapping it up with Double Vision, Schools Out (Alice Cooper), and Don’t Trust Me.
After the lights came up, we fanned for air, still pumped with energy, looked at one another wondering, well what now. 3OH!3 brought us up high and it was a rather harsh comedown after their energized performance. Even better than their show was their humble approach to their music and fans. They took several moments to reflect on how far they’ve come, gave respect to opening bands, and promoted donating to or participating in a marathon to fight cancer, like Sean had earlier this year in Chicago. Needless to say, I put 3OH!3 on a must see list for any concert goer or party animal, you and your crew are sure to have a ball!

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