Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twiztid with special guests Potluck and Drainage X

Ah Twiztid, every juggalo and juggalette’s favorite horrorcore face-painted duo. Although I am not a fan, I figured they deserved a chance and it may be a great show. So I loosened up and had a few drinks before heading over to the House of Blues box office. No ropes, no merch, no nothing… I quickly realized the show had been cancelled.

Twiztid updated their twitter (tweetmesohard) at 7 am, "We sincerlely apologize for this cancellation and please rest assured that we are doing our absolute best to resehedule this event." Somehow that information did not get translated over the House of Blues or any other event calendar. As of 4pm, the last time I checked, the show was still on.

Although I wasn’t terribly broken hearted, like so many of the painted up juggalos around me, the lack of notice or reason is truly shameful. I am a fan, I understand how crushing it is when a band cancels a show you have been anxiously awaiting, but without good reason or prompt remedy, I cannot respect or support that. Thus ends my open-mind toward Twiztid. Fail!

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