Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thrice with Kevin Devine, Bad Veins, and The Dig

Tonight was the rescheduled show for Thrice with special guests Kevin Devine, Bad Veins, and The Dig. Thrice was originally scheduled to play with Manchester Orchestra on May 7th, but that show was canceled for unknown reasons. When we arrived to the House of Blues, there were no lines and people were sparse. For a minute I wondered if they had again canceled. House of Blues event staff informed me that not many tickets were sold for this show and there were roughly 400 people here.
I was quite surprised by the music of Bad Veins and Kevin Devine. Both were indie, slow and mellow; not at all the type of music I expected to open for Thrice. I have no doubt that both groups are talented, but I'm sorry, why are you opening for Thrice? I asked that question to a fellow fan. I was informed that Thrice's music has changed over the last decade, transitioning from their hardcore first album to a more experimental, alternative rock style over the last few years. Kevin Devine closed his performance with at least six shirtless guys running around stage; it was like a weird Abercrombie music video.
At this point, I wasn't sure what to think, left feeling completely out of touch and out of place. I came expecting to run around the pit, head bang and throw fists with my eye-lined counterparts, but there was none of that to be had. I stayed for about two hours. When I noticed the Thrice sound men were having problems getting their mics and keyboard to work properly, I actually called it quits and left. I ultimately regretted this decision, as I really would have liked to see Thrice, but I just couldn't be in the House of Blues a minute longer.

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