Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lamb of God with Hatebreed

Tonight, the House of Blues hosted another face melting metal show, Lamb of God with Hatebreed and 3 Inches of Blood. Heavy metal shows at the House of Blues are often favorites of mine because the sound is monumental in the small venue and it is one of the last places you can still get wild in the mosh pit. I knew long time veterans Lamb of God and Hatebreed were sure blast our ears and keep the pit spinning.
Although we just missed 3 Inches of Blood, we walked in just as Hatebreed took the stage. Lead singer, Jamey Jasta was full of energy, running and jumping all across the stage, keeping the audience in a constant frenzy. Fans were treated to a nearly full setlist to get warmed up to: Everyone Bleeds Now, In Ashes They Shall Reap, Smash Your Enemies, To The Threshold, Facing What Consumes You, As Diehard as They Come, Proven, Defeatist, Destroy Everything, This is Now, closing with I Will Be Heard. Hatebreed left the crowd with fists in the air and already covered in sweat. Since the last time I saw Hatebreed, I can only say their live show and fan base has only gotten stronger.
After another drink and a trip to the merch table, Lamb of God broke the silence with heavy drums and fierce guitars. Vocalist Randy Blythe, was usually in perched on the front speaker, swinging his hair around in union with the rest of the band. The whole band radiated metal energy, creating an enormous paint-peeling sound. We were in the middle of an elbow to elbow floor, pits broke out all around, and everyone was headbanging. This high energy crowd not only made the show more fun, but we also fueled Lamb of God's energy, as they playing an exhausting set. In the best order I remember: The Passing, In Your Words, Contractor, Set to Fail, Walk With Me In Hell, As The Palaces Burn, Hourglass, Now You've Got Something To Die For, Ruin, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Descending, Vigil, Omerta and finally their guitar hero famous Laid to Rest. Lamb of God came out for a two song encore, Redneck and Black Label, exclaiming “It’s time to get you money’s worth!” Both Hatbreed and Lamb of God each dedicated a song to their heavy metal gods, the late Ronnie James Dio and Vinnie Paul. Both bands also put on loud, solid, high-energy performances that rallied the audience non-stop. We all left the performance covered in sweat and a little bruised, only catching our breath just enough to exclaim what a great show it was. I thought, and laughed for a minute, after seeing Lamb of God’s performance, I am convinced Metalocalypse was based on them. They are true metal through and through, fans loved it, and was one of the best metal performances I have ever seen!
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