Friday, July 2, 2010

Joe Rogan

Tonight, the House of Blues became the House of Comedy, presenting Joe Rogan and special guest Sam Tripoli. I noticed Joe Rogan seems to do a stand-up routine every few months, so i figured he must be doing something right. This was my first House of Comedy show and I was unsure what to expect.
We walked in to find the House completely seated, the bars were empty, and Sam Tripoli had just taken the stage. It took me a minute to adjust myself, as I am used to seeing this place packed wall to wall and filled with so much clamored, you can barely hear yourself think. We went to the bar, ordered a few drinks and enjoyed a few minutes of the show before being shown to our seats. I must say, front row balcony at the House of Blues, are some of the best seats I have ever had!
Sam had the audience’s full attention, actively acting out his jokes, cutting the stillness with eruptions of laughter. I enjoyed his nonchalant approach to comedy, being frank about several over the top experiences and ridiculous observations he had. During his closing joke, Sam got distracted by a pair of large breasts in the front row. He mumbled, “Big ol’ titties. Can’t concentrate... Where was I?” It was a great ending to his performance.
Joe Rogan ran on-stage with lots of energy and immediately got the audience involved by talking about his Las Vegas experiences. In the early morning hours, at any strip club in town, you think a man is passed out in his chair, a stripper comes along, grinds a little bit, and what do ya know, he’s got another hour left in him. Then how shameful it is for a grown man to walk out of the Spearmint Rhino, after a night of partying, and the sun is already up. After Joe went though this bit, I knew we were in for some raunchy stories.
Joe's comedy was no holds bar, seemingly done right on the fly. His stories ranged from the heaven / hell of live child birth, to the fear of being raped by Broc Lesnar, to two girls one cup and a more graphic video he was shown. One of the highlights of his performance was when he got in trouble with the UFC for calling a move "rape choke" on national TV. So you have to ask yourself, "Why hire a pot head comedian to be the face of UFC?"
As frank and dry as his attitude was, I had to wonder myself. Most of the audience was dying in their seats, with a few poor souls that did not appreciate some of the topics. There was a running theme, any situation that was kinda queer, he would begin to mockingly sing Hey There Delilah, by the Plain White T's. Joe wiggled around the stage, “You can’t listen to that song without wanting to rub your legs like a cricket.”
I thought Joe Rogan was hilarious, keeping us laughing nearly non-stop. I got the distinct impression that he was just a regular guy, sharing stories about experiences many of us can relate to. That's the best comedy right there, being able to joke about the truth and embarrassment of real life. He was bold, straight-forward and no bullshit. Joe Rogan is often in town for UFC fights and periodically also schedules a stand-up show at House of Blues. I would highly recommend him to any stand-up comedy fan.

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