Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "In Love With My Money Tour"

When Paul Wall and Chamillionaire were announced to be playing a show at the House of Blues, I got quite excited. I have seen some hip-hop and freestyle shows before, but never a rap concert; I did not know what to expect. While in line to get my tickets, my friend noticed Paul Wall was just hanging out in front of the venue, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. I must admit, I got a few butterflies. We talked with him for a minute, he signed our tickets, showed his grill and took a picture with us!
The venue was lightly crowded, their DJ was spinning and everyone was already having a good time. The announcer came out, introduced Paul Wall and Chamillionaire, but after a few minutes of an empty stage, apologized that it was going to be another 15 minutes or so. Paul Wall was still outside meeting with fans; I give mad props to any artist that makes themselves so accessible to their fans, even if it makes their show late.
Paul Wall and Chamillionaire came out together and did a non-stop 90+ minute set. Both rappers did their individual songs, songs together, old, new, mixtape and remix tracks. They were both tight, on-beat, and didn’t miss a line. Chamillionaire often stopped and talked to the audience, getting everyone to throw their hands in the air, jump up and down, or do whatever he tells them to; “I’m not afraid to stop the show.” He really kept the crowd moving, grooving, and bumping though every track. They flowed through songs with no effort: Won’t Let You Down, Chunk Up the Deuce, Hip Hop Police Frontin, Get Money Stay True, Break ‘Em Off, Good Morning, Body Rock, Fly as the Sky, Busy Body Do it for H Town, I’m Throwed, and Patron.
Midway through their show, they chose three people from the crowd to come on stage and rap for 16 bars. First chosen, went by the name Coldblooded, totally murdered it with a sick rhyme; had the whole audience shouting “Ohhh!” After the overwhelming response, Coldblooded handed Chamillionaire his demo tape, and Chamillionaire just laughed, “I can’t believe this guy just handed me his demo tape.” The show was filled with great moments like that; both Paul Wall and Chamillionaire had the audience waving goodbye to haters, doing the parrot dance, showing their grillz, and shaking their money-makers all evening. The DJ didn’t skip a beat, and just like freestyle events, every song ended with a sampled explosion sound. They continued their set with Know What I’m Talking About, Fly, remix of Party Like a Rockstar, King Kong, One Blood, Main Event, Drive Slow, Creepin (Solo), In Love Wit’ My Money, They Don’t Know, Sittin Sidewayz, Picture Perfect, Ridin,Grillz, They Don’t Know, and closed with another Mike Jones classic, Still Tippin’.
I may never understand the mind or interests of a rapper, candy cars, blinged out grillz, hoes and haters, but I do know Paul Wall and Chamillionaire are both great rappers who put on a great show. Both rappers made themselves available for more pictures and autographs with fans after the show. It was awesome meeting Paul Wall, amazing to see his grill shine from 30 yards, and great just shaking my booty for two hours. All in all, the show was even better than I expected, and we left the venue riding a high for sure.

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