Friday, March 12, 2010

Sevendust with Drowning Pool and Digital Summer

Friday night’s show was Sevendust with special guests Drowning Pool and Digital Summer. The first time I saw Sevendust, at the Huntridge I believe, I didn’t even have a driver license! I spent the day of the show, ripping my original late 90s Sevendust CDs (skips and all) to my computer, and reminisced on how much their music was a part of my life. A 6:30 show is difficult to make with a day job, so unfortunately I missed Digital Summer. Too bad though, I kept overhearing great reviews from chatter in the crowd; I will keep my eye out for them in the future.

When I opened the doors to the House of Blues, I was taken aback by the incredible volume of Drowning Pool; they had it cranked up! You could feel the thrashing guitars and bass through your shoes. The floor was packed end to end and there was a nice mosh circle going. Drowning Pool put on a great show, and closed with their unforgettable Bodies. I got to give it up to Drowning Pool, for moving past the loss of their signer in 2002, and another lost vocalist in 2005.
While the tired sweaty fans cleared the floor, I took the opportunity to get as close as I could. Glad I did because soon the lights flashed red and white, Sevendust ran up the stage and opened with Black. They opened heavy, fast, and strong. The volume, heavy guitars, and Lajon’s voice rattled through everyone. Sevendust’s setlist was filed with great tracks including: Praise, Face to Face, Denial, Home, Bitch, Enemy, Driven, and their latest single, Ugly. The energy was solid throughout. Sevendust not only kept the crowd head banging and slamming all evening, but they also shined through with a few special moments. About an hour into the show, Sevendust brought out a few stools, and played X-mas Day and Angel’s Son acoustic. They sounded great and the fans were much appreciative. After picking up the pace once again, they grooved from one of their songs right into Metallica’s Seek & Destroy. Just when I thought I couldn’t love it more, Seek & Destroy was blended into Pantera’s Walk. Two of the best old-school metal songs in my book; this was the antithesis of the show and a great concert moment for me.
Sevendust put on an ass-kicking show; they always have and they always will. They out did themselves once again; it was even better than the three I've caught over the last decade. It had been a while since I had seen an all out hardrock/metal show and I truly enjoyed it. As the smelly and sweaty crowd cleared the venue, we all knew our faces had been rocked off.

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