Sunday, October 10, 2010

TECH N9NE and E-40

Making his second stop this year at The House of Blues Las Vegas, Tech N9ne thrilled his fans by returning just four months later. Tech N9ne even offered super-fans the chance to purchase VIP Packages that came with merch and allowed you to hang with The Strange Family for three hours before showtime. (Totally worth it, as I am told) As he continues celebrating a decade as an independent rapper, now on his Independent Grind Tour, Tech N9ne is joined by his usual crew (Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob) and the o.g. E-40. Las Vegas returned our love by selling out the venue. As I was already expecting a high energy performance, after looking upon the sea of fans and our drinks in hand, I knew this was going to get wild.

E-40 opened to an already packed venue, wasting no time getting fans hands up in the air. After only one song, the audience was already shaking and grooving up and down. Completing nearly an hour performance, E-40 sampled from several other rappers and performed many club favorites: U And That, Too Short, Snap Your Fingers, White Gurl, Two Step, and Tell Me When To Go. E-40 didn’t let up for a minute, keeping the floor a non-stop party while he was on stage. He certainly lived up to his long time rep.
As soon as the lights dropped, Tech N9ne stepped out front and center under one spotlight and proved to anyone that didn’t know, how he got his name. Unaccompanied he spit one of the longest, hard, fast, and sharp rhymes I had ever heard, perhaps quicker than a TEC-9 gun, throwing the crowd into a roaring applause. Similar to his June performance, Tech was often joined by his rap family, passing the flow from one to another with seamless accuracy. The momentum didn’t stop for a second as The Strange Family blasted through another two hour performance. Tracks included: Let’s Get Fucked Up, Come Gangsta, Bout Ta’ Bubble, Einetien, Sorry n Shit, O.G., Industry is Punks, Leave me Alone, Casribou Lou, KC Tea, Salue, and I’m a Playa. Once again, Tech N9ne, E-40, and their crew did not disappoint. 2,000 fans got loose to their unique brand of hip-hop, grinding, bouncing, and cheering from wall to wall. Las Vegas clearly loves Tech N9ne and always comes out to show their support. For those of you that don’t know, you need to get out there and “drop down, cuz here comes Tecca Nina!”

Check out my review of his June 1, 2010 performance here.

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