Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tech N9ne with the Strange Family

Tonight I was treated to another artist I had always wanted to see live, Tech N9ne! Part of the Strange Days Tour, celebrating a “Decade of Excellence,” Tech N9ne brought his Strange Family, featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob, Prozak and Cognito. With this lineup, the show was sure to please.
When we arrived, people were packed in wall to wall, hands in the air, bouncing up and down and the blast of heat and funk from all the bodies was overwhelming. The stage was setup with a large Strange Music record label logo hanging center, large standups for each rapper, from which they entered the stage. Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch were on stage, spilling the rhymes and working the crowd. Made it just in time for Bout Ta' Bubble and Like I Died, loosened me up and got me dancing in a hurry. The beat came down, Brotha Lynch did D.O.A., then continued into Jay-Z’s Nigga What Nigga Who.
Rappers went on and off stage, rotated through each other’s songs, and all worked together like a well oiled machine. Tech N9ne and the Strange Family killed it, running through Colostomy Bag, I Plotted My Next Murder, Einstein, Sorry N Shit, Let's Get Fucked Up, Salue, and everyone's favorite drink Caribou Lou. Brotha Lynch stated the chorus to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, the whole audience sang along acappella, after which he delivered his long promised This Ring.
Tech N9ne thanked his long time supporters and fans over his 10 year career, making him the most successful independent rapper of all time, stating “This is a blessing.” Near the end of the show, at one point, I counted 9 different rappers on stage. They went out strong with Leave Me Alone, Demons, Freaky, some sick freestyle scratching from DJ Chill, and closed with I'm a Playa. Exhausted, Tech N9ne exclaimed that this was the longest show he had ever performed, just over 2 hours. The whole crowd was in a frenzy, hands in the air, cheering and screaming. Each rapper slowly exited and the fans cleared the room, breaking into an “oh areola” chant on their way out.
Tech N9ne and his Strange Family put on an excellent show. The energy was strong throughout, beats were mixed well, rhymes were ill, and the audience was bumping non-stop. It was a shame I didn’t make it to see Tech N9ne before his 10 year anniversary, but this show was definitely worth the wait!

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