Saturday, April 24, 2010


Tonight was HIM with We Are The Fallen, Dommin, and Drive A. I had initially reserved tickets to HIM because a friend of mine was a fan, but due to last minute events, could not attend. I had never been a fan of HIM, but I thought I should give them a go and check out the show. With little ambition and still beat from Coachella, I was terribly late to HIM.

I was quite surprised when I walked in to such a quiet House of Blues. Covered in low blue light, Ville Valo was alone onstage, singing melodically, captivating his fans and holding the audience perfectly still. The set, backdrop, and lights were low and mild, nothing flashy or loud; definitely not what I expected. HIM played one more song before going out with a bang, covering Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. It was rockin’ and the crowd loved it. As the house lights came on, I exclaimed, “I want more of that!”

Although I didn’t give HIM a fair shake, or enough to write a proper review, I will say I was shocked and awed by Rebel Yell. I will give HIM props for showing their roots and respect for Idol by doing such a wicked cover. They are talented musicians, with their own fan base, and although HIM is not my style, I will give them a thumbs up.

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