Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adam Carolla: A Christmas Carolla Show

For the second time in thrity days, The House of Blues became The House of Comedy, tonight welcoming Adam Carolla: A Christmas Carolla Show. When you think of Adam Carolla, where do you start? The Man Show, Loveline, Crank Yankers, The Adam Carolla Show? Over the years, America has become quite familiar to his jokes and antics, and I couldn’t wait to see him live.

Adam Carolla came on-stage right on time with no opening act. Wasting no time at all, he started poking fun at the audience, specifically the cowboys that were in town for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). Once he got on track, Carolla flipped through a slideshow as he told his jokes, each picture emphasized the ridiculous nature of whatever topic he was attacking. One of segments titled “Why I hate L.A.” included many freeway clearance signs, reading 15’0”, 14’11”, 15’1”, and also included the infamous Mexican family crossing sign. These pictures combined with his crisp, straight-up delivery kept the crowd in stitches.
Carolla took a few breaks during the performance, while he played some of his infamous video sketches. These included the classic “Drunken Pilots” from The Man Show, and the ludacris animated short featuring Byran Cranston, “Gay-Eye.” Adam also played some clips from Crank Yankers, commenting that all calls were recorded from our city, because the are “no laws in Las Vegas.”
Nothing was off the table, he delivered quick offhand style and unpredictable comments that kept him fresh and interesting. Carolla closed his act by making fun of himself while proving a valid point. As he recommended each of us should follow our aspirations, he depicted the slow painful journey with a slideshow of his financial earnings. Through his twenties, Adam only cleared $20,000 once before he was thirty, several years were $0. "I'm not here to tell you what to do... I'm telling you to start it!"

Adam Carolla put on a great well-rounded comedy act. He included past and present skits, non-stop laughter, and many fiery rants that even made him stop and chuckle. While I have always appreciated Adam's contribution to comedy in the last decade, I wouldn't have considered myself a fan until seeing him live. Since the show, I have enjoyed many Adam Carolla Show podcasts, and would suggest any comedy lover to give his show a listen.

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