Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mike Posner

The September House of Blues Artist of the Month, Mike Posner, stopped in Las Vegas on Saturday night. I read the article and was impressed to learn he recorded his own album from his dorm room and got the word out online. A grass-root artist that worked his way up to major pop star and has the time for a meet and greet with his fans, truly deserves the adoration. I was anxious to hear his music and find out what a top 40 pop singer is like in concert.
Although we were tardy due to another full parking garage, we arrived just as the energy in the room was about to burst. Mike Posner was active across the stage, his vocals were crisp, and he was backed by a full band rather than just a DJ. Most of the audience appeared to be female superfans who cheered louder and louder after each song. He also kept the crowd moving, saying “Don’t be shy, this is not the time... Put your hands up!” The condensed crowd followed his every move, put their hands up and waved along with him.
Mike Posner mostly played songs from his debut album 31 Minutes To Takeoff, just released in August. Posner’s performance included a solo moment while he played piano, was joined by featured artist, Big Sean for his song Speed of Sound, and even included a costume change. I found myself really get into it during Dynamite (Taio Cruz cover) and his lively cover of Electric Light Orchestra’s Evil Woman. Singing for just over an hour, he treated his fans to a great show and also gave one encore. The setlist included (no particular order): Please Don't Go, Bow Chicka Wow Wow, Deja Vu, Please Don't Go, Gone In September, Save Your Goodbye, and Cooler Than Me.
As the venue cleared, I left with the impression that although he is a talented up and coming artist, but I think he still has some growing to do. Even though his vocals and presence were both great, his beats were generic and seemed rather similar. It is rough to say, but until he progresses toward the dance vibe his remixes have, I feel his music falls short. However, if a smooth male R&B vocalist is what you’re into, check out Mike Posner, he’s got what the ladies like. ;)

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