Friday, August 20, 2010

The Dan Band

Since the moment I saw The Dan Band perform Total Eclipse of the Heart in the movie Old School, I was a fan. Being raised in Las Vegas, it's only natural that I have acquired a taste for lounge cover music, but The Dan Band puts a comedic spin on everything they touch. The combination of their song selections, regular guy yet rockstar attitudes, and choreography is truly brilliant. I was disappointed I did not see their New Years Eve 2009-10 performance at Dick's Last Resort in the Excalibur, but thanks to Live Nation, I get to see The Dan Band on the Still Hungover Tour.

We walked down the House of Blues stairs just as The Dan Band's opening skit video began playing on the screen. It was a glimpse into the "real" lives of the band members, Dan as a mechanic, John a drug dealing clown, and Gene a red light special freak. Beepers alert, all change and assemble as The Dan Band, quite hilarious, all while done to Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On. They all ran out on stage for an energetic opening with ABBA's Fernando. Dan then sat on the edge of the stage in perfect lounge style, engaging the audience, asked a fellow's name and he replied "Fernando." Dan laughed, "Holy shit! We just sang a song for you!"
The Dan Band kept the energy and laughter high throughout their performance. Not only were their jokes, lyrics, suggestive dance moves, and props hysterical, the music and vocals sounded great. Once Dan teased the drummer for a double-bass slip up, commenting, "Did you hears my drummers Red Bull kick in?" The songs they performed ranged from varying genre and gender, but The Dan Band made each one their own, stylized each in a clever way. As Dan would squirm and grind around up front, John and Gene (dressed in identical suits) danced with hula-hoops, socks, streamers, chairs, while singing back-up; it was too perfect!
For an encore, Dan came on stage alone, lit by one spotlight, and sang a sultry 50 Cent's Candy Shop. The audience loved it, cheering loudly for more, Dan mocked us saying, "You can keep clapping. I'm just going offstage, then I'm going to come back on." The screen was lowered, Dan was then joined by John and Gene, they came front stage in front of the screen and performed move for move Beyonce's Single Ladies (with her video playing behind them on screen). It was not only funny but quite impressive. Just when we thought it was over, the curtains opened to three red fabric swings... While each squirmed around in their fabric swing, they closed with Flashdance/Fame, even splashing Dan with buckets of water... so weirdly awesome, it had the audience in stitches, and delivered a full standing ovation.
Their incredible setlist included Nasty (Janet Jackson), Tyrone (Erykah Badu), Shoop/Whatta Man/Never Gonna Get It, Ring My Bell, Lady (Styx), Whenever Wherever/Hips Don't Lie, Genie In A Bottle/No Scrubs/Slave 4 U, Hold On/Luka, Don't Cha/My Humps/Milkshake, and of course Total Eclipse of the Heart. Although there were so many awesomely awkward and weird moments, I really enjoyed the way they performed the female pop song. It was truly a one of a kind show, everyone exited giggling, knowing The Dan Band really rocked our socks.

Not only is The Dan Band a must see, if you have not heard of them, look them up!

You can also check out the interview Las Vegas' 944 magazine got with lead singer Dan Finnerty.

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